So You Think You Can Be a PR Major?

The Flame

By: Drew Boehmker

Whether you are a prospective PR major or someone already in the program, whenever you experience your first PR class there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be fresh-faced and full of ideas about exactly what public relations is. While some of those ideas may very well be true, here are five things to consider about being a public relations practitioner that they don’t tell you when you decide to take that first step and officially declare the major …

#1: It’s Hard Work
When I’m around my friends who major in areas such as math or science, there’s an inevitable tendency to snicker when I tell them how much I study for my PR courses. While you may be able to “get by” in the PR major without truly applying yourself–like many NKU majors–I think every current PR major at NKU will agree with me when I…

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