The PR Pro’s Woes of Dating

Check out my blog post on Parties & Press Releases, covering the woes of dating as a PR pro!


Image         Both men and women can be heard complaining about the frustrations of dating. Dating and keeping up with a relationship can become pretty complicated. Hence, the reason for the, “It’s Complicated” relationship status on Facebook! Then you add a profession or lifestyle, such as being a PR pro, to the mix, and the level of complexity increases.  Why you ask? Here are some of our assumptions:

We Never Stop:

PR pro’s don’t have to be in the office to be working. We’re constantly on our phones, checking email, sending out reminders, etc. Sometimes, It may be hard to focus on a story our date is telling us or actually enjoy the dinner you just ordered. It’s important for us to take a little time and focus on enjoying our company and the time we have with them.

Social Media Obsessed:

            Social media is a big…

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