23 Things I’m Looking Forward To On My Trip To Europe

travelchick germany
Today, I will board a plane and leave the country for the first time. I’m headed to Europe! Hungary, Germany, Austria, and Belgium to be exact. I’m extremely excited about this adventure. It’ll be a whole new experience. A brand new world! (Cue Aladdin music) So, to celebrate and hold all of you off until I get back and can blog about it, I thought I’d share with you a list of things I’m looking forward to doing/experiencing. Enjoy!

  • Flying on a huge plane! I’ve only traveled on smaller planes throughout the U.S.
  • Trying plane food. Yes, I’m weird. It probably isn’t that tasty but whatever.
  • Possibly seeing the Eiffel Tower from the plane! Totally snapping pics!D
  • Visiting with relatives whom I haven’t seen in YEARS.
  • Driving on the opposite side. Should be interesting!
  • Drinking copious amounts of seltzer water. My favorite drink. Bubbles for days!
  • and beer! tons of glorious German beer.
  • Being in awe of REAL castles and wishing I was Royalty or a Disney Princess.
  • Trying to put all of those years of German class to use. We’ll see what I can remember.
  • Trying the gelato my dad hasn’t shut up about for probably a decade.
  • Seeing forests and historic buildings that aren’t comparable to what is in the U.S
  • Trying coffee! Hopefully at a cool coffee shop. #CoffeeBeansWithBecca goes international!
  • Going to a music festival (Balaton Sound) and seeing my favorites, Krewella! Along with Armin Van Buuren whom I’m incredibly excited to see for the first time.
  • Visiting where my grandparents grew up.
  • Hopefully cheering on Germany in the World Cup at a German bar.
  • Visiting a PR agency in Germany. Fingers crossed I can make this happen.
  • Experiencing the European culture. I hear it’s a bit different. 😉
  • Driving 100+ on the Ubahn. Pedal to the Metal!
  • Visiting and taking a dip in the largest lake in Central Europe
  • Visiting with my friend Peter who was an exchange student at my University.
  • Trying new and interesting foods. I’m not picky and will try anything once.
  • Giving social media a bit of a break…Wait, did I just say that?
  • Tons more but I don’t want to bore you.


I can’t wait to share my experiences with you all when I return. Auf Wiedersehen, USA!