It’s not every day that you see yourself on the homepage of your University’s website. It’s weird. The day we all returned from spring break I received text messages, tweets, Facebook posts, and in person comments about my picture on nku.edu . So this is what it feels like to be famous…I thought,partially kidding. I blushed anytime someone brought it up.

So, why was I on the homepage?

I was asked by the Northern Kentucky University’s Communication department to become their guest tweeter. Using the hash tag, #NKUnextStep , I will tweet about my experiences as a college Senior preparing to graduate in May.  The @nkuedu account  will then retweet all of my tweets using the hashtag. I am extremely grateful and blessed to have been given this opportunity.

Although some tweets may pertain just to my fellow Norse or graduating Seniors, it’s my goal to share experiences and advice that prospective students, current students, graduating students, and alumni will be able to relate to. Below is the feature linked to the nku.edu website and a link to the story that was published in The Northerner.


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