Indian Summer

This was my first Intern event, an over the top Indian Wedding at the Savannah Center! It was the most gorgeous wedding I have ever attended. Not only did this event teach me valuable information about the event planning world but it also taught me about a culture that I knew very little about. The marriage was between an Indian and an American, so it was interesting to see the two cultures combine. I have to say that both sides were extremely open to do new things and everyones cooperation and enthusiasm made the day great!

Everything was drenched in detail. From the outfits of the Bridal Party to the entrance way to the ceremony room. The isle had rose petals formed into a shape. Boy was it hard to keep the people from stepping on the petals!  My first job was to lay cards on the seats and then my next job was to watch the petals.

So my job was to help direct the long parade including a marching band, a van w/ a dj, a drummer, the groom on a camel, Groomsmen, and the Groom’s family and friends. It was quite interesting trying to make the parade last for over an hour when the walk to the ceremony was very short. The weather was very nice but WAY too hot. Since the parade had been extended for over an hour, we had to get water bottles for all the people in the parade and distribute and recollect the water bottles. Everyone stayed hydrated and no one passed out or fainted!

So one thing that I learned is that the coordinators type out a time line of the event, from what time the bride and bridesmaids get their hair and make up done to what time people should be walking down the isle, to what time food should be served, to the speeches, to when the Dj should play certain things.

Another thing I learned as that you are pretty much at your clients beck and call. If the bride didn’t have time to get breakfast…you go and get her breakfast.

Also, it is normal for clients to have the coordinator deliver the checks/money to  the Dj, florist, venue, and whatever else was needed. This was not surprising, since the coordinators most likely set up half of it anyway.

stay tuned…

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