Hollywood Milk Vases

Wow, did this wedding teach me a lot.

For this wedding I was pretty much in charge of making sure everything was set for the reception. The boss had a wedding to actually attend and then the other girl who works for the company was at the ceremony.

So a little about the Bride and Groom. The Bride was born and raised in Cincinnati, so that’s why they wed in Cincinnati. I believe the Groom was from California. Anyway, they both have AMAZING jobs. The Bride is an event coordinator for a very ritzy hotel in california and has apparently planned an event for the Kardashians! (I want her job!) Then the Groom is a big audio visual guy in hollywood, so it was only appropriate that the reception woud have the most elaborate lighting set up!

The reception was held at the Glendale Lyceum, which is a very gorgeous place. The venue itself needed no decoration. But boy, did this bride have decorations! The tables were adorned in elaborate table cloths with fall color flowers, pumpkins, floating candles, and lighted hand painted wine bottles (made by the bride’s nonna).

Then there were the milk vases….OH the milk vases!!! Who knew there were that many milk vases still in existence!  Don’t get me wrong they coordinated great and looked beautiful, but the other event employee and I had to stay after and wrap up every single vase by ourselves.

The catering company came on time and dressed to impress. They were always on the ball and helped make the decorations look their best. They even helped clear some of the decorations off the tables at the end of the night, which was very kind.

So for some reason, the Bride did not want any cars in the parking lot… hmmm? I don’t know her reasoning, but whatever! We did have a mishap…a double booking. Somehow 2 Valet services were booked for the wedding. However, one company showed up late so they got the boot. We handled the situation calmly and quietly without worrying the newly married couple or the Bride’s mother.

One aspect of the reception that I really liked was the dessert table. Instead of wedding cake they had homemade seasonal pies and then a table topped with homemade cookies with empty to bags to fill to take home.

The funniest part of the night was the constant contradictions. The Bride would want the door open…the mom would want the door closed. The bride wanted the music louder…the mom wanted it quieter. It was too funny!

In the end, I think everyone really enjoyed themselves. Even me, who got home at 2am from wrapping up milk vases(:

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