6 Tips for Creating + Maintaining a Twitter Following

Many people ask me how I’m so successful on Twitter. Although I know I could use it a little more wisely, I thought I’d share some of my tips.


Image from freshbooks.com Image from freshbooks.com

By: Rebecca Potzner — Co-Founder

There is no denying that many Twitter users are working to grow their following. Following sounds kind of cult-like doesn’t it? But when it comes to Twitter I think of family and community. These aren’t just numbers we’re talking about. It’s people we’re interacting with and relationships we’re building, something we must not forget.

There isn’t an exact formula, but putting  these tips to use should help build your following or community.

1. Establishing brand/personality.

People follow others because of two things, 1) Who they are 2) The content they share. Establishing your personal brand is not only going to strengthen people’s understanding of who you are and what you’re about, but it will help you share quality content true to you.

 2. Tweet often.

This isn’t to say you should tweet about every single thing you do in a day, but don’t stay silent…

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