Blogception: A BluePRint to Planning the Perfect Event

Event planning is what sparked my love for public relations. If you keep up with Twist on PR, you’ve probably noticed that I’m very passionate about the event planning side of things. Whether it’s planning a dance, community event, or even just a meeting. Small or large-scale, event planning is apparent in many aspects of PR. 

My Parties + Press Releases brand partner, Emily, and I collaborated to create a bluePRint to plan the perfect event for PRSSA National’s Blog, Progressions. Hope it helps you plan out your next event! 

Photo Credit: Marriott

“There is often so much to take in to consideration when planning an event that it can rapidly overwhelm you. Below is a blueprint to help you plan the perfect event, whether it is a Chapter meeting, fundraiser or networking social.”

Click here to read more….


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