LIVE NATION/AC ENTERTAINMENT FESTIVALS – Bonnaroo, Big Ears Festival, Exit 111, Forecastle Festival, The National Homecoming Festival

There is truly nothing like launching a festival to the public and then seeing it come to life with the heartbeat of the music and fans all around. These weren’t your typical festivals, these were experiences that built memories and camaraderie.

From live posting throughout the weekend at the ICONIC Bonnaroo Festival to creating a voice and building up the following of brand new festival, Exit 111, I was able to connect with our fans, share experiences, and get creative. (Click for larger view) 


WESTERN & SOUTHERN OPEN – @cincytennis

Outside of handling customer service, our goal was to bring a behind the scenes look at the tournament and to make those who were not in attendance feel like they were a part of the action.Our #snapsfromthetunnel gave a unique perspective to fans who were able to see their favorite players just seconds before their big match. (Click for larger view)

FLYING PIG MARATHON – @runflyingpig

In 2015, our team launched a social media lounge and I pitched the “I Fly because..”  wall as an interactive piece that could translate over to social. Since then, #WhyIFly has evolved into a strong visual storyteller for the Flying Pig Marathon.

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 10.17.29 PM

CINCY RED BIKE – @cincyredbike

 To engage with the community and to get people on bikes, I created the #cincyredbike Famous campaign – a chance for people to get their perfect Instagram photo while trying out the Cincy Red Bike system. More than 75% of photoshoot attendees were new users and heard about the photoshoot through the social media campaign.


Leading up to the 2018 Cincinnati Comic Expo, it’s all about the guests! Appealing to an “all knowing” audience, we’ve jam packed our content with facts about the guests and have found ways to include some timely memes and gifs. (Click for larger view)


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