23 Things I’m Looking Forward To On My Trip To Europe

travelchick germany
Today, I will board a plane and leave the country for the first time. I’m headed to Europe! Hungary, Germany, Austria, and Belgium to be exact. I’m extremely excited about this adventure. It’ll be a whole new experience. A brand new world! (Cue Aladdin music) So, to celebrate and hold all of you off until I get back and can blog about it, I thought I’d share with you a list of things I’m looking forward to doing/experiencing. Enjoy!

  • Flying on a huge plane! I’ve only traveled on smaller planes throughout the U.S.
  • Trying plane food. Yes, I’m weird. It probably isn’t that tasty but whatever.
  • Possibly seeing the Eiffel Tower from the plane! Totally snapping pics!D
  • Visiting with relatives whom I haven’t seen in YEARS.
  • Driving on the opposite side. Should be interesting!
  • Drinking copious amounts of seltzer water. My favorite drink. Bubbles for days!
  • and beer! tons of glorious German beer.
  • Being in awe of REAL castles and wishing I was Royalty or a Disney Princess.
  • Trying to put all of those years of German class to use. We’ll see what I can remember.
  • Trying the gelato my dad hasn’t shut up about for probably a decade.
  • Seeing forests and historic buildings that aren’t comparable to what is in the U.S
  • Trying coffee! Hopefully at a cool coffee shop. #CoffeeBeansWithBecca goes international!
  • Going to a music festival (Balaton Sound) and seeing my favorites, Krewella! Along with Armin Van Buuren whom I’m incredibly excited to see for the first time.
  • Visiting where my grandparents grew up.
  • Hopefully cheering on Germany in the World Cup at a German bar.
  • Visiting a PR agency in Germany. Fingers crossed I can make this happen.
  • Experiencing the European culture. I hear it’s a bit different. ;)
  • Driving 100+ on the Ubahn. Pedal to the Metal!
  • Visiting and taking a dip in the largest lake in Central Europe
  • Visiting with my friend Peter who was an exchange student at my University.
  • Trying new and interesting foods. I’m not picky and will try anything once.
  • Giving social media a bit of a break…Wait, did I just say that?
  • Tons more but I don’t want to bore you.


I can’t wait to share my experiences with you all when I return. Auf Wiedersehen, USA!

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GIVEAWAY: 2 3-Day Passes to Bunbury Music Festival


It’s festival season and what better way to celebrate with all of you then to give someone passes to Bunbury Music Festival! I’ve attended every year and I’m a huge fan. To enter for a chance to win TWO 3-Day passes to the festival, take a short snippet of you singing/lip syncing along to a song from your favorite Bunbury artist. Then tweet it, FB it, Instagram it out and tag @TwistonPR and the artist whose song you covered. Be sure to complete the other tasks in the rafflecopter box below. Can’t wait to see all of your entries! -RP


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Behind the Scenes of Food Truckin for Josh Cares

Young Professionals aren’t just out focusing hard on their work, but they’re also giving their time charities and non-profits. This Wednesday in Cincinnati, if you stroll down to Fountain Square you’ll see it surrounded by 11 food trucks and you’ll smell the warmth of some tasty food! But, why? Well, it’s all to support Josh Cares and its mission to provide companionship and comfort to children hospitalized in critical and chronic care units at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Proceeds from the event help fund the work of Josh Cares Child Life Specialists who are dedicated to the care of these children. 

Food Truckin for Josh Cares is an event planned and executed by 15 young professionals in the Cincinnati area. I had the opportunity to chat with Tate Lucas and Ashley Carrico who volunteer their time on the Josh Cares YP Council. Find out how they make the Food Truckin for Josh Cares a reality…



Q. Out of all the different possibilities, why a food truck event?

Tate: We wanted to do something that connected with young professionals in Cincinnati. We were all excited about food trucks, trying new ones and sharing our experiences, so it was a natural fit. 

Ashley: Food Trucks are certainly becoming more prevalent in Cincinnati, but there are still relatively few ‘showcases’ of these delicious mobile eateries – and especially not many opportunities to sample multiple food trucks right in the center of downtown on Fountain Square during the weekday lunch hour! The Young Professional Council embraced the idea of hositng a food truck event in downtown Cincinnati to celebrate the Cincinnati food scene while driving increased reach and awareness of the Josh Cares name and mission.


Q. How far in advance does the team start planning the event?

Tate: We started meeting in November to plan this year’s event.
Ashley: A sub-team of the Young Professional Council begins planning the event about 8 months before the big day with the larger YP Council becoming involved about 6 months out. There is a lot of planning that goes on to make this very exciting and unique event a reality!


Q. How big is your team? – What role do you play on the team?

Ashley: There are about 15 members on the YP Council. Tate and I act as co-chairs of the Marketing Committee. Our core responsibilities including design and distribution of all event promotional materials as well as working closely with Rockfish, which is providing $50,000 in pro-bono services for Josh Cares, on creating and implementing a digital marketing strategy.


Q. What all goes into planning a food truck event?

Tate: There is a ton of preparation that goes into the event. We are split into teams:

  • Marketing to promote the event (social media, news outlets, website, print materials)
  • Logistics (planning the day-of, volunteer coordination, administration)
  • Food Truck committee (recruiting and managing food trucks, planning the layout of the trucks on the square)
  • Sponsorships (building relationships with sponsors for the event)
 Ashley: In addition to the Marketing Committee, we also have Sponsorship, Food Truck and Logistics Committees. There are very big “to dos” such as securing food truck vendors and event sponsors, but also a whole host of other details including volunteer coordination, day of programming, celebrity judging, communications, promotions, interaction with community influencers, VIP preparations and more!

Q. What kind of extras do you have to focus on because the it supports a non-profit?

Tate: A big part of it is raising awareness for Josh Cares and the amazing work they do at CCHMC. We don’t only want people to know about the event and get excited about it, but we also want to share the mission of Josh Cares and tell the stories of the lives they’ve impacted.

Ashley: Above all else, I want to ensure that we are promoting the Josh Cares organization and its mission through this event. I am beyond thrilled that we can raise funds for the organization through such a fun (and tasty!) means, but there is a big emphasis in our marketing plans to ensure that everyone who comes out or hears about the event understands that it is so much more than a food truck festival where they can sample some of Cincinnati’s finest – it is an event that funds a mission to provide companionship and comfort to children enduring lengthy hospitalizations without a family member who is able to be with them consistently.


Q. What is your favorite part about working this event?

Tate: I love working with the YP Council and getting to know each other in a team environment. By the time the day of the event comes, it’s just a ton of fun because we can see the results of months of hard work. 

Ashley: There are so many things! I love seeing how vibrant Fountain Square is the day of the event and experiencing the energy from the crowd enjoying this signature event. I am also so excited to try as many as possible of the food truck offerings myself! But my favorite part about working the event has to be talking with event attendees about the organization, many of whom are hearing about Josh Cares for the first time.


Q. Which food truck are you most excited to eat at?

Tate: I’ve tried every truck that we had last year and they were all great. This year, I’m excited to try Texas Joe’s because I love Mexican food and I haven’t had it yet.

Ashley: That’s a tough one! I think I’ll have to say C’est Cheese – grilled cheese and macaroni and cheese are in a constant battle for the top slot as my favorite food and C’est Cheese certainly delivers a delicious grilled cheese sandwich.


If you’re in the Cincinnati/Tri-state area, stop by Fountain Square tomorrow and grab some lunch! Be sure to snap some photos and share your experience through social media using the hashtags, #FoodTruckin and #JoshCares. 

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PREVIEW: 3LAU Interview

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6 Things I Learned From Tweeting About the #KimyeWedding

Screen shot 2014-06-03 at 3.08.21 PMScreen shot 2014-06-03 at 3.07.55 PM

It was just a normal day. I had just got home from working a promotion and I realized that it was the day of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding! Naturally, I went to Twitter. Browsing through the #KimyeWedding feed I saw that a photo of  Kim had been released (leaked). Being the Kardashian fan that I am, I found the best quality version of the photo I could and shared it with my followers saying, “Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress. Dying to see what it looks like from the front. #KimyeWedding.” I sent the tweet and continued to scroll through the timeline and then going about the rest of my day.

1. Anyone can incorporate your tweet onto their website or in an article and they don’t have to tell you.  

A little later after sending the tweet, a follower informed me that HuffPost Celebrity had featured the tweet in their latest article covering the Kimye Wedding. She had asked if I knew and in fact, I did not! Friends and followers soon began to inform me of other articles I had been featured in along with a second Huffington Post link and sites that weren’t even in English.

They can also take it down without telling you. My tweet is no longer featured as after I realized what had happened I took to twitter to share that I did not take the photo nor did I own the rights.


2. Many sites steal and snag information from other sources online. 

Once the Huffington Post used my tweet in two of their articles, my tweet and name began to pop up in MANY other online outlets! Just google my name with Kim Kardashian’s and you’ll see pages of results.

Not only were these outlets incorporating my tweet but some of them were even using Huffington Posts actual written content! I realize there may not always be a lot of information to work with, but I think you could whip up something in your own words for goodness sake.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


3. Having a tweet featured in the Huffington Post + other outlets will blow up your Twitter account.

The day my tweet was shared and kind of went viral, my Twitter notifications went through the roof from retweets to follows to tweets both kind and not-so kind. I ended up gaining almost 800 new followers! My original #KimyeWedding Tweet was retweeted 226 times and favorited 174 times. After I found out about my tweet being featured, I shared the link with my followers and that somehow accumulated 215 retweets and 585 favorites without the use of a hashtag. Both tweets are still being retweeted and/or favorited but nowhere near the capacity it started. My Klout score increased one point making it a 67.

Screen shot 2014-06-03 at 11.09.04 AM Screen shot 2014-06-03 at 11.08.08 AM


4. People don’t always do their research.

One of the websites that featured my tweet introduced the photo with the line, “According to a PR rep named Rebecca Potzner, it looks something like this…”

While I’m flattered, I’m not Kim or Kanye’s PR Rep. (But, If you two are reading this… I’d love to take on that position!) All of these outlets assumed that I was a reliable source because Huffington Post featured it first. That particular source tried to do SOME research and read in my Twitter bio that I’m in PR. Good job but not really. I was also cited for sharing the photo via Instagram when I actually shared it on Twitter. Double-check people, double-check.


5. People want to be the first to report everything

This one goes along with number 4. Everyone is rushing to get the information out before the next person, but they aren’t focusing on keeping their content correct or really of quality. Yes, you may be a minute or two behind another publication but you’ll have GREAT content that people can trust and will want to read. Plus, you won’t have to back track and fix what you messed up.


6. There are many people out there who need to get a life.

This is where I give major kudos to all celebrities, leaders, and influencers. I received an abundance of negative, rude, and nasty replies from both my tweet about Kim’s dress and my tweet sharing that I was featured in HuffPost. Some asked why I cared, others said marriage is more than just a dress, and others slung profanity at me and about Kim.  I’ve honestly never wanted to willingly turn off my data until that weekend. The negativity was a downer and it flooded over the content I wanted to read and the people I wanted to interact with.

It blew me away that people were ok with sending such hurtful words to someone they don’t know and to waste their time on something they apparently don’t care about. There is absolutely no need for this hate. It’s pointless and to judge someone off of a simple tweet is just preposterous.


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Summer Jams Playlist


Anytime is a good time to listen to music. However, it’s especially wonderful to listen in the summer. Warm weather. Windows down. Wind blowing. Music CRANKED UP. No cares in the world are given at that moment in time. So, let loose. Sing like a rockstar in your car. Bob your head like you just don’t care while you’re at work. Please, enjoy my Summer Jams playlist that I will continue to add to. I invite you to comment your musical suggestions below!





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Twist on Branding with Briana of Buju Tattoo

Ah, the beauty of Twist on PR. We can talk about anything and everything while bringing it back to our core, public relations.  Like PR, branding is always needed whether it be personal or for an organization or business.

Branding can be defined as making a mark. We all make our mark in different ways, but some more than others. Briana Sargent has created a brand for herself and her business while helping others make their mark with her artistry.

I’m not usually a fan of tattoos with color, but after following Briana’s Instagram account, my opinion changed. It showcases some of the most impressive tattoo artistry I’ve seen and it makes me want to hop on a plane to San Diego to get a piece done. So, without further ado here is my interview with Briana, Founder of Buju Tattoo.   

Screen shot 2014-05-20 at 11.28.44 AMScreen shot 2014-05-20 at 11.30.50 AM


How did you end up in this career path? What drew you in?

I grew up with sketchbook in hand. I doodled on everything. My best friend, Conneticut-based singer/songwriter James Maple, started asking me to draw tattoo designs for him. We would go to the tattoo shop together, and I would watch him get my drawings tattooed on his skin. Watching tattoo artists tattoo my drawings made me realize I wanted to manifest the entire tattoo process from idea to inception to completion.


Tell us what it was like giving someone a tattoo for the first time?

It was so exciting! The first tattoo I did was on my college roommate. She was a mover and a shaker, always on the go. We used to say she had ants in her pants, so I tattooed an army of ants marching right out of her pants! 

Screen shot 2014-05-20 at 1.36.29 PM


Do you think that tattoos are becoming more accepted in the workplace?

Tattoos are more than welcome in my workplace! I do believe tattoos are becoming more and more common with today’s generation, and I see more and more tattooed people on the staffs at coffee shops, eateries and other hip business establishments all over San Diego; so, I would say in some industries, yes, tattoos are becoming more accepted. But in older more conservative corporate business atmospheres, I think long sleeves and covered tattoos are often still preferred.

 Screen shot 2014-05-20 at 11.17.08 AM

I fell in love with your work because of Instagram. How have you utilized social media for your business? What outlet seems to work best for you?

We have a nice following on our Facebook Page, where, until I teamed up with a professional social media strategist, we were generally just posting images of tattoos we’ve done in the shop and special promotions from time to time. We also have an Instagram account for the shop @Buju_Tattoo, which the artists manage, and each of the lady tattooers has her own personal Instagram account. Mine is @Briana_Buju_Tattoo. We opened a Twitter account a few years ago @BujuTattoo, but that was as far as we got with Twitter!

Recently while tattooing one of my regular clients, Carmen Caserta, she told me about the new digital branding and social media business she recently launched, Red Stiletto Strategies. I was intrigued! She expressed an interest in taking the Buju Tattoo social media presence to the next level, so we had a little dinner meeting the next night. Carmen’s knowledge of social media was obvious, and her passion and excitement to work with me on growing Buju Tattoo’s presence on social media were infectious! It was the start of something beautiful!

Carmen and I agreed to trade services, and it is a wonderful trade that wouldn’t work if I didn’t love her company. We correspond daily, and talk, laugh and bond while tattooing. She’s hard-working and honest, and she embraces and intuitively understands the image I would like to create and maintain for Buju Tattoo, and she fits right in!

 Screen shot 2014-05-20 at 11.21.33 AM

How have you branded yourself and your business? Do you think that social media played a major role in this? 

Most importantly, I’ve branded my business as a welcoming and un-intimidating place to hang out and get tattooed. Buju Tattoo is a warm-hearted, unpretentious atmosphere filled with beautiful art, beautiful people, crystals, flowers, flowing ivy and beautiful plants and bestowed with the loving presence of my beautiful muse – my pit bull girl Buju.

Screen shot 2014-05-20 at 11.30.08 AM


Social media has definitely played a major role in branding my business. People travel from all over the country and the world to get tattooed by me, and it is because they have found me and my work on social media. Instagram seems to be where I get the most likes and comments; but since my collaboration with Carmen of Red Stiletto Strategies started, our Facebook Page and Twitter account have taken off, too! She creates meaningful, engaging and fun content that so accurately reflects the Buju Tattoo spirit and aesthetic, and she interacts with people in such a cheerful and meaningful way. Now those platforms are feeling more like an online community rather than a place to merely advertise. All of those elements of social media – content, tone, aesthetic, and the types of content Carmen retweets and engages with on Twitter contribute to branding the tattoo shop by reflecting our personalities, our interests, our values and our work. Now we’re getting ready to launch on Pinterest, so that is very exciting!


Why do you think that branding is important for a tattoo artist or shop?

I think getting tattooed is more than just finding someone with a style that you like– it’s about connecting with the artist, and feeling comfortable in the environment. The way we as shop owners brand our tattoo shops has a huge influence on the types of clientele we will attract and the reputation we will create for our business, so I think it’s important to be intentional and thoughtful about the messages we convey and the images we portray.


How do you think social media, more specifically Pinterest, has affected the tattoo industry?

I haven’t explored Pinterest yet, so I’m extremely excited about Carmen launching our profile soon. I do know Pinterest provides a wonderful search tool for clients. Lots of people bring in references from Pinterest. I’m excited to learn more about how it all works!


What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs and aspiring tattoo artists?

Draw a lot! Tattoo only if it’s what you absolutely want to do! It is very time-consuming, and is only fully enjoyed if you absolutely love what you do. Find a shop that you feel comfortable in and artists you connect with. I work with my best friends, and every day is a party!

Screen shot 2014-05-20 at 1.58.50 PM Screen shot 2014-05-20 at 1.59.02 PM Screen shot 2014-05-20 at 2.00.16 PM Screen shot 2014-05-20 at 2.00.42 PM

What song would you say best represents you/inspires you the most?

Fever Ray’s WHEN I GROW UP. She sings about wanting to be embraced by nature. Nothing inspires me more than plants, animals, ocean, travel. I just went to Maui and swam with sea turtles. I get to do a tattoo of sea turtles in a few weeks, and I am so inspired! It was one of the most beautiful, magical experiences that I’ve ever been a part of.

Be sure to give Briana and Buju Tattoo a follow on all social media sites! It’ll bring some beauty into that timeline of yours. :)

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