Intern Goddess: Are You Gaining “Enough” Experience?

I walked into class last week and to my surprise, one of my fellow PR friends exclaimed, “I have a valentine for you!” I realize I’m 21 and in college, but it completely made my day. What I thought was so fabulous about the valentine was that it was addressed to: “Intern Goddess”.


 Though I find that title completely flattering, I could never compare my amount of Interning to the Intern Queen, Lauren Berger’s. With graduation coming up in May, I’ve been stressing over the fact that I don’t think I’ve interned enough or done “enough”.

But really, what is “enough”?

I’ll admit that I stress about this all the time and it’s something I need to work on. It’s something many of us need to work on. Yes, it’s important to step up and delve into experience outside of the classroom, but that doesn’t mean you need to say yes to every opportunity that comes your way.

I recently met with a very successful professional in Cincinnati and he said to me, I see you’re doing a lot and helping out a lot of people. “You need to start being a little selfish.”  What he meant was, don’t spread yourself so thin.

In your pre-professional and professional days, take on opportunities and experiences but not to the extent in which you’re being stretched and pulled like one of those Stretch Armstrong toys.

Screen shot 2013-02-18 at 1.42.58 PM

Immerse yourself whole heartedly in a few things and the outcome will become much more rewarding than immersing yourself half heartedly in a billion different tasks. Although it may be cliche, remember: Quality not Quantity.