10 Tips to Rock Your Interview

As the job search continues, I’ve decided I should devour as much career oriented information as I can. I’ve started to get involved with my local PRSA and New Pros chapter and recently attended an interview tips panel hosted by AMA (American Marketing Association) and the Cincy New Pro’s. The panel consisted of local professionals in HR, PR, and communications. Below are ten tips I felt we could all benefit from.

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1. Never say you’re a perfect fit because you love to work with people, you’re a quick learner, and have transferable skills. It’s WAY over done and too general.

2. If you’re going to name drop, be honest about your connection and have a reason that will build to your brand. If you’ve just said hi to the person in passing, it’s not the best idea to use them as a reference.

3. Be self-aware; know your strengths and weaknesses. Take some time to really think about what you’re great at and what you’re not so great at.

4. Show you did your homework on the company and position. It’s never a good idea to walk into an interview blindly. Look at their website and social media presence, but also do a search on them through Google News. Find out what they are currently working on. Find something that intrigues you and address it in the interview.

5. Think SEO when tailoring your resume to the position. There is a very good chance that the company you’re applying with will send your resume through a program. It’s going to be searching for key words that match up with their expectations. Even if it’s not going through a program, updating your resume with this mindset will help tailor it to its best fit for the position.

6. Show web presence! This is a must for any position dealing with the web and social media. Hyperlink your resume, cover letter, and portfolio. If you’re on social media, make sure you have a strong online presence and that you’re mindful of your professional presence.

“If you’re in PR and don’t have a Twitter account…that’s a red flag.” Natalie Hastings 

7. Ask good questions– When you’re doing your homework on the company and position, be sure to jot down some questions that pop up.  Walk into your interview with a short list of QUALITY questions. They may even be as simple as asking, “why do you enjoy working at so-and-so company?”

8. At the end of the interview, summarize why you are excited about the position. Show your interest, but don’t come off overly enthused and energized.

9. Handwritten notes are not a thing of the past! Send a thank you note to the person who interview you and reference something you talked about. If you can’t send a hand written note, at the very least send an email.

10. “Never count on an opportunity until they have a desk and paperwork ready for you.”  Life happens, and sometimes that means things don’t work out quite like they or you had planned.


Comment below tips you’d add to the list!