Simple yet Important Career Tips from Notorious B.I.G + JAY Z

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“Just stay busy, stay workin
Puff told me like, the key to this joint
The key to staying, on top of things
is treat everything like it’s your first project, knahmsayin?
Like it’s your first day like back when you was an intern
Like, that’s how you try to treat things like, just stay hungry.” – Notorious B.I.G


Whether we’re just starting out our career or we’ve been in the game for years, it’s in our best interest to take this important, but simple, piece of advice from two of the most well-known rappers. Who knew these two could teach us something about our non-rap careers? JAY Z’s single, ‘My First Song’, starts off with the above quote by Notorious B.I.G sharing that you should give everything your all like it’s your first time and you want to make a good impression. Obviously, he shares this with us in a more “hip” language but we get what he’s throwing down. If we want to move forward and achieve the goals we’ve set for ourselves, we must not let ourselves get too comfortable.

After Biggie Smalls’  quote from an interview, Jay jumps into the song sharing his story starting from “the bottom of the block.” Although it’s his personal story, there are a few key takeaways…

 “Eyes on the prize.”

I think this speaks for itself. When you’re dragging remember what you’re working for. Keeping your eye on the prize is going to keep you motivated and working hard towards it.

“Treat my first like my last, and my last like my first

And my thirst is the same as – when I came.”

Like I shared earlier with Biggie’s quote, we should try to always keep this mindset activated day in and day out. Stay thirsty for what your passionate about, your dreams, and your goals.

“Ain’t no, half steppin, ain’t no, no slippin”

Don’t expect to succeed by half a$$ing things. Go hard or go home. You’ve got to continue to work hard for what you want. In the end, it’ll be that much sweeter because YOU worked hard for it. YOU put in the hours.

“Ay, I might even have me a cappuccino, f**k it!”

Oh, and while you’re working so hard, take some time and enjoy life. Go sit down at a coffee shop and sip on a cappuccino. You deserve it!

Blog idea inspired by Derek Cuculich from The Onion.