Well, Hey There!

Well, writing or talking about myself isn’t something I really like to do. I feel like it’s a bit awkward but here goes nothing.

I’ll start off by saying my name is Rebecca Potzner. You can call me Rebecca, Becca, Becks, Bee, Bpotz, just to name a few ways people close to me get my attention. But whatever you do, DO NOT call me BECKY. My mom will personally hunt you down for that.

I’m 20 years old and an official junior at NKU. I’m majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Media Informatics. The main reason I chose to go into PR is because of my passion for event planning. I discovered this flame in high school when I started planning dances and student events.  I continue to plan events for my alma mater, but now I get paid to do it! As Colerain high school’s football event coordinator, I work on the special events they hold at home games. It’s a lot of fun and it doesn’t hurt that we have a great football program. I also am the social chair for Delta Zeta Sorority.

Over the summer, I shadowed the event planning company, Aviva Events. I learned so much about planning events, weddings, and different cultures. My favorite was shadowing an Indian Wedding. What a beautiful, upbeat, fun, and exciting experience! Shadowing these weddings really makes me wonder how anyone can plan and execute their wedding without an event planner. Sounds like pure chaos to me!

Even though I still love event planning and continue to practice and plan, the more I learn about PR the more the different sides of it look intriguing. So, I can’t really tell you where I’ll end up after college.

So, lets move onto something I think is a little more interesting. I have a bucket list, and one of my ‘to-dos’ is to meet as many famous people as possible. Let me tell you, I think I’m pretty dang good at it. It’s like I’m a celeb-magnet or something…just kidding! But I’ve met a good amount of people that I personally think are famous. The list includes 98degrees (including the Lachey brothers), Hanson, Machine Gun Kelly, Neon Trees, David Koechner, The Maine , New Boyz, Dave and Jonnie from The Buried Life, and Mike Posner. I have also seen Andree3000 from Outkast, Ronnie from the Jersey Shore, and Rob Dyrdek.

Before I go, I guess I’ll tell you one more thing about myself. I have started my own organization on NKU’s campus called, FAST (Fight Against Sex Trafficking). I have a passion for this cause and I wanted to share it with NKU and get others aware and involved. I have big plans for the group such as hosting a fair trade market on campus. The main purpose of the organization is to raise awareness about human trafficking. Many people are not aware that it is a problem in the United States, or a HUGE problem in Ohio. Check us out at fightagainstsextrafficking.Wordpress.com or follow us on Twitter, @FASTNKYCINCY

Well, it seems I wrote way more than anticipated. I never know what to share and then I end up sharing probably more than what is needed. I hope I didn’t bore you, and I look forward to sharing all of my experiences and hearing your feedback. 🙂