Twist on PR Personal Branding with Krista Neher Event Coverage

This past Tuesday, I had Krista Neher of Bootcamp Digital talk about personal branding at the very first Twist on PR networking event. The setting was very casual and “chill”, allowing us to get comfy on a couch and create almost a round table discussion. I live tweeted the event as to involve those who were not able to attend the event (which is why I’m on my phone in the photos. Oops!).

The biggest take away from the event is that too many people focus on what NOT to share on social media that they don’t put enough focus on the good things to share. Also, it’s important for a person to establish with themselves what it is the believe in, what they value, and what they find is appropriate and inappropriate to themselves and their audience. One last take away that I believe many people should focus on more is to make sure there is a balance in what you share. Being a craft beer drinker may be part of your brand, but it shouldn’t take up 95% of your posts. There should be a good mix of personal and professional. Below is a link to Storify which showcases all of my live tweets from the event.


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