All I Want for My Birthday is…

a big girl PR job!

(I hope you sang the title using your best 2chainz impression.)

Today, March 5th, is my birthday. The big ol’ 23, which really isn’t big at all. What’s big is the amount of notifications I’m receiving via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Social media connects us to so many different people that it truly amplifies the “good feeling” of a birthday high. People reach out to you that you may not have seen or received a call or card from otherwise.Ā 

So, I’m reading all of these messages where people are hoping that my birthday wishes come true. I began to think of what those wishes were. It came down to what was on my mind almost 24/7… a job. I WANT a full-time job. I am in no way joking with the photo below. It may be silly, but I’m completely serious (Kind of like my personality). Although there are other things that I’ll wish for when blowing out the candles, a full-time job would be the icing on the cake. šŸ™‚



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