Krewella Releases Music Video for ‘Human’

Music is  an unbelievably powerful force. I cannot thank God enough for blessing people with talents to create what we hear today. Music lets us know that we aren’t alone in whatever we may be going through. It lets us share our thoughts and emotions. It calms us down or pumps us up. I sometimes think I would go insane without it.

Today, Krewella released their music video for their song ‘Human’ which is featured on their Debut Album, ‘Get Wet’. At a time where I felt my life had completed a 180, their album released. It could not have been better timing. Majority of the songs brought me happiness and called me to jump and dance around. However, ‘Human’ resurrected all of the emotions I had recently been feeling. It brought tears to my eyes. It brought feeling to my heart. It sent chills through my body. So, when the video was released, I was overwhelmed. Their song is a reminder that not everything is going to be perfect, but that we all have these moments.  I applaud Kris, Jahan, Yasmine, and the rest of the Krew for sharing with the world some of their most vulnerable moments on tour.

“They say pain is an illusion, this is just a bruise, and you are just confused. But, I am only human. I could use a hand sometimes.”

We are all human. No matter our gender, race, occupation, etc, we all go through our own ups and downs. We could all use a hand sometimes. Remember that.


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