My Version of VH1’s 10 Metal Bands with Non-Metal Monikers |

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I grew up on Rock & Roll. So, it was nothing new when my mother and I bonded over an article she stumbled upon about Metal bands. VH1 had published a list of 10 Metal bands with non-metal names. Neither of us were impressed with the list and apparently many others weren’t either. After doing a little bit of brainstorming and research, here is our better version of VH1’s list.

Check out the original list here.

1. The Poodles – Oh, lets name our heavy metal band after a froo-froo dog… Makes Sense.

2. Cinderella – A princess. You really named your band after a princess? Surprisingly, I actually think it works. Probably because they aren’t very metal.

3. We Butter the Bread with Butter – Ok, these guys are more deathcore than metal. However, I don’t see buttered bread very death or metal-y.

4. Dream Theater –  Is this a name of a venue for plays and musicals or a rock band? I can’t figure it out!

5. Deep Purple – What? Is this an ode to Prince? A shade of eyeshadow? C’mon guys…

6. Celtic Frost – My guess is that they were in Ireland or Scotland and the morning dew inspired them. Hardcore, man!

7. Lamb of God – I toyed back and forth with this one. I mean, lambs are kind of cute. In the biblical sense the Lamb of God is referred as taking away the sin of the world. Which would be a great name for a Christian band, I suppose. However, this band sings about burning priests, so I’m going to guess that they aren’t big fans of God.

8. Korn – The only thing that helps this name make a case is the backwards K.

9. Job for a Cowboy – When I think of cowboys, I sure don’t think of metal or rock. I think this would even be an odd name for a Country band. Sounds more like a name for a group in Brokeback Mountain.

10. Strapping Young Lad – Does the band at least rock out in tuxedos?

Thin Lizzy , Sound Garden, Ministry, Kittie


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