2014 Goals but I’ll Call Them Resolutions for New Year’s Sake

Resolutions are overrated. It seems to me that most people who set out to make a resolution end up failing. I’ve never been one to set a resolution, although I’ve always had goals I was working towards.  With the start of the new year, I thought I would compile a handful of my goals into a blog post to share with you. I encourage you to comment some of your goals below. We can keep each other accountable for working towards and obtaining our goals!


– Read more… A lot more. | In college, I pushed books off to the side because I was so busy burying myself into my textbooks. I want to get back to reading books I find interesting, news articles, and blogs. As for blogs, I hope to branch out of the more common sites that many of my PR peers gravitate towards.

– Make time to exercise daily, even if it’s the last thing I want to do. | Number one goal here is to start going to Yoga every week. I absolutely love doing it and I feel a million times better after a class. My new-found love is Hot Yoga.

– Plan an event for all of my PR Twitter friends | There are many people on Twitter that I interact with regularly. Some I have met and others I have not. I would love to plan a networking event where all of us can get together to reunite and/or meet. I know my PRSSA pals miss each other.

– Grow both Twist on PR and Parties + Press Releases | I’m talking constant posting at least twice a week, Interviews with well-known professionals, new site layouts, and much more. I’d like to be more open with my readers through Twist on PR, as well. You all seem to enjoy when I open up. 🙂

-Travel | I want to do a lot of traveling while I can. One particular trip I’d like to take is to California to not only visit friends and family, but to explore the city (LA) and all of its opportunities.

– Get more involved with Music PR | I want to dive right into the music industry. From doing PR for an artist, planning a concert, booking artists at a venue, or becoming a tour manager, I’m 100% down. It’s the perfect time.

-Have Twist on PR host or co-host an event in Cincinnati | I’ve always dreamt of hosting my own event for people in my area to attend whether it be a networking or entertainment based.

Now, it’s your turn!

Disclaimer: RP’s goals are not limited to the list above. 😉


3 Replies to “2014 Goals but I’ll Call Them Resolutions for New Year’s Sake”

  1. I love your list! I might have to follow in your footsteps when it comes to constant posts on my blog. It is so hard to keep up but in the end it’s worth it. Thanks girl!

    1. Thanks for reading Hilary! It can sometimes be a struggle to stay consistent with the hustle and bustle of our every day lives, but you’re right it is worth it in the end! We just have to sit down and start typing!

  2. Rebecca, this is a great list that I enjoyed reading over! Goals are often a reflection of the dreams that keep our hearts and imaginations stirring. Like yourself, I’ve always set out goals rather than to make a resolution, so my goals for 2014 include (1): Having a better job outlook which I have come close to getting recently (2):Get to know more about the friends and professionals I have interacted through social media and share any advice or help I can give and encourage (3): Get more involved in public speaking, which I have gotten deeper with as a side interest. Maybe I could get to speak to an audience and share my own stories of experiences that I have dealt with (4):Travel as much as I can to keep my curiosity at a high and (5): Remain active and busy in striving along through life.

    Your goals I think are a reflection of a person who genuinely wants to achieve well and see the success of those achievements in yourself and others. I know that your goals are possible as much as my own are possible. Keep it up as always.

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