6 Things To-Do When Planning the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

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The annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aired last night on CBS. Why put on a show like this? What’s the point? Well, not only does it get people to watch TV but it hypes up Victoria’s Secret brand and products. The fashion show started in the 1990’s but was not televised until 2001.  Whether we look forward to seeing the models walk down the runway in their lingerie pieces , the musical entertainment, or the production in general, a part of us wouldn’t mind being a part of the magic. Here are a few pieces we’d need to work on if we were planning the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

1. Themes + Scenery

To be honest, since there isn’t much to lingerie, the scenery has to be larger than life. This year’s glitter cat walk supported themes including Europe Invasion, Parisian Nights, Birds of Paradise, Shipwrecked, PINK Network, and (of course) Snow Angels.  Lighting, props, and the next to-do all come together to create the feeling or mood of the theme. I wonder what comes first, the theme or the lingerie look?

2. Entertainment + Soundtrack 

One of the major reasons I tune into the fashion show is for the musical guests. The VS Fashion Show always brings in a few artists to rock the cat walk along with the Angels. This year Fall Out Boy, Taylor Swift, and Great Big World helped amp up the energy. The artists and musical sound has to work alongside the theme and look of the show. When the artists aren’t on stage, there has to be music playing to keep the show going. Thanks to show’s musical choices, I discovered a new Miley song I actually like.  So, who would you book and what songs would you play?

3. Model Line Up

It’s a fashion show, so we need models! Not only do you need to decide which models made the cut, but they need to be assigned certain costumes within a certain line up. Since some of the models have more than just one look, they need enough time to walk the runway and then come back and change into a new look. There should be a person behind the curtain making sure the correct model is ready to go on at her specified time. You must also decide WHO will wear the million dollar bra and when during the show will she show it off?!

4. Venue 

I included venue into this list because it’s a very important aspect to any event. However, since the show has been televised it’s almost always held at the 69th Regiment Armory in New York City. In the past, the show has been held in Miami, LA, Cannes, and the Plaza Hotel in NYC. I don’t see the show moving its location anytime soon. But hey, you never know!

5. Guests + Seating 

As you could probably tell, the 69th Regiment Armory is a very large venue. With the fashion shows popularity it shouldn’t be hard to fill seats. But, do you think the show is general admission? I’m going to guess a big NO. Watching the program, we saw that many celebrities sat closest to the cat walk. Do we want Adam Levine who is engaged to the Angel, Behati  sitting high up in the nose bleeds? I think not.

6. Keep Quiet!

The show is pre-recorded in November and broadcasted in December. Since it’s television debut, the show has always been set during the holiday season. Since it’s not live, there is a nice gap of time where too much information can’t be leaked out. Models can’t be posting selfie’s in their costumes, Taylor Swift can’t tweet about which song she had the most fun singing with the Angels on the runway, and you can’t share too much information until the show actually broadcasts! If too many details and photos are shared before then, not as many people will tune in.

“In one second, I could screw up everything I have… it’s like the big red button [sound effects] and everything explodes!” See, even Cara understand what a pre-mature post could do!




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