Confessions of a College Graduate


I thought I had everything figured out. My first year or two out of college, anyways.

For the past four years, I had worked hard both in and out of school. With my experience and accomplishments, I was sure I’d have no problem landing a job straight out of college. I’d focus solely on my career while saving up my money and enjoying the adult life with my best friend aka boyfriend.

Wow, was I wrong! Six months after graduation, I type this blog post both jobless and single. I never saw this coming. I knew things would change after graduation, but not to this extent. Just about everything I knew for the past 4+  years had come to an end in a matter of a week. I went from an overly booked schedule to an empty book.

Job searching is almost a job in itself; constantly researching, emailing, calling, writing cover letters, updating resumes, interviews, and coffee meet-ups. Sometimes, It’s difficult to stay positive when continuously receiving negative news. At times, I’ve lost sight of my passion.

Now, for the relationship bit…My heart is racing just typing this. I shouldn’t let this effect me as much as it has, but when you’ve been with someone for 5 years, it becomes a struggle. I’m lost, confused, and alone on the situation.

I hate to be a negative Nancy, but it’s been a rough time for me. Especially since I tend to hold in a lot of my feelings. My problems are my problems. Why burden others with them?  I questioned posting this. However, a few fellow bloggers inspired me to open up.

“I’m only going to say what I want to put into the universe.” -Kanye West

I know I’m not the only person struggling out there with similar issues. We will have our moments. We’re human. However, we must try our best to rise above. This is our time to establish who we are as young professionals and individuals. It’s time to take advantage of our “freedom” and possibly explore the world. Truly uncover our dreams. Find inspiration from new things and incorporate them into our personal and professional work. Keep busy and volunteer your time. Start a journal. Ignite old passions. Confide in a friend, for keeping to ourselves will tear us down. Focus on the positives in your life and when the time is right, let out a good cry. We will get through this and we will get to where we want to be when the time is right. –including me!

We are in this industry together. It’s not a man’s world. It’s not a woman’s world. It’s OUR world.


to be continued….


7 Replies to “Confessions of a College Graduate”

  1. Rebecca,

    One of the worst feelings is when you have success in college, enjoy the rush and great feelings of being involved in PR activities, internships, and then, BAM, no job.
    While I was lucky when I graduated, it was not easy, years later, when I ventured out on my own. Let me say this: You are surely frustrated and feeling a little down. That’s ok. But, take this break of Thanksgiving to look inside yourself. Who do you really want to be? What do you really want to do?
    To this day, when I’m struggling with finding ideas, I take a day and focus on resetting my system and looking at opportunities. It’s important you take your energies and look at you. Keeping finding things to make you happy, inspired, and energized.

    Be strong… be confident.


  2. Keep holding your head up lady, life is a roller coaster ride; we get to experience both the highs and lows. Stay positive and always be seeking to add value to the direction you want your life to go. Opportunities will present themselves to those who are ambitious enough to dream, creative enough to think abstractly, and determined enough to persist through the tough times.

  3. Thank you for your transparency. It’s tempting to let a blog be happy-go-lucky all the time. I can relate to all this very much, which I believe is the true purpose of writing: having readers relate.

  4. Rebecca, I commend you for being so honest. It takes a great deal of courage to share what you’ve shared; I should know. I too saw myself graduating with my boyfriend of five years in attendance, but our relationship had already crumbled by then. The feeling of uncertainty you describe overcame me before graduation, and especially after.

    Life has an interesting way of testing us, ruining our “plans.” But I’m confident it all happens for a reason, even if the reason isn’t instantly clear.

    You’re intelligent, talented and fun. It’s only a matter of time before you land in the right place – or, like myself – land somewhere that steers you in the right path. Stop worrying. It sounds silly, I’m sure, but there’s no sense in worrying. Your positive outlook will get you through this! Do what you love and do it often. Everything else will fall into place.

    Cheers to the new year (and many more new followers)! 🙂

  5. Know that you aren’t alone… I’m a firm believer that hard work pays off though. The right door will open for you soon enough.
    P.S. – You’ll have to share with me your trick to actually getting people to comment on your blog!

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