Peak + Pit | Week of November 4th


Peak + Pit is the best and the worst. The great and the not-so-great. To make sure it’s not all about me, me, me; I’ll be sharing quality PR + Career related  articles I find throughout the week. Be sure to comment your Peak + Pits of the week!


Peak |

Six 2014 Public Relations Trends to Watch 

4 Points on the Perfect PR/Journalist Relationship

5 Common Social Media Mistakes and how to Avoid Them

The World of Entertainment PR with Warner Bros. Television

My First Job: What Unloading Beer Taught Me About Leadership

Pinterest is Now the Fastest Growing Content-Sharing Platform

First Tweets Ever Sent By Nike, ESPN, Xbox, Coke and More

The 36 Rules of Social Media (Infographic)

Pit | Yikes! Looks like Kat Von D needs a little help in the PR department. Her choice in naming a Lipstick was not the best. To top it all off, she tweeted something that did not help her case. Yes, she deleted it right away, but we still saw it! Moral of the story: Think! Before you send any idea out into the world.     Kat Von D Creates Controversy Again — With A Lipstick


Peak | This week, I was able to volunteer with Cincinnati Ballet, who I interned with last year. We decorated Pointe Shoes to be sold at the Frisch’s Presents The Nutcracker performances, to raise money for the Ballet. It was fun to get creative and I loved reconnecting with all of the employees. The Ballet definitely has my heart.

Screen shot 2013-11-08 at 1.23.33 PM

Pit | I dislike that I chose to do a personal peak because I hate to be a Debbie-downer and like Kanye West said, “I’m only going to say what I want to put into the Universe.” I love that. However, I made a commitment when I first started the series. So, here I go.

When decorating the pointe shoes, I burned my thumb and pointer finger pretty badly with the hot glue gun. My fingertips feel a little numb. Oops! Then there is the fact that I still don’t have full-time job. I’m still optimistic. I’ll get there. It will happen. Until then, I’ll continue to search, apply, read, write, and continue to put my skills to use.

Have a fabulous weekend! Best, RP


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