Bump Day | Halloween Edition

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Happy Bump Day! Tis the night before Halloween, so I’ve provided a list of spooky tunes to help get you in the haunting mood. Last years Halloween playlist was quite spectacular if you ask me. This year, I featured some classics and not so classics. Comment which songs you would add to the list!

I Put A Spell On You | Hocus Pocus/Bette Midler 

Yes, yes I know this song was featured on the 2012 playlist. Hocus Pocus is in my top 5 favorite movies, so I had to feature it again.

Dancing With the Devil | Krewella 


Eh, Devil. Halloween. It works. If we were the Sanderson sisters, we’d be dancing with him.

Thriller | Michael Jackson

Not only is this a killer song, but the music video is just as flawless. A true halloween classic. Someone has yet to top this video. Although, I think Lady Gaga has come close.

Tubular Bells | The Exorcist

Creepy, right?! There’s a good chance this song alone could give me nightmares. Tubular Bells can switch the mood from normal to spooky.

Disturbia | Rihanna

Throwback! I absolutely loved this song when it came out. Just about everyone and their mother performed a zombie themed dance to it.

Monster Mash

Such a classic. It’s not a halloween party if this song isn’t played!

Ramalama Bang Bang | Roisin Murphy

One of my all time favorite songs. The video is of a So You Think You Can Dance group performance by Wade Robson. BRILLIANT. I get chills throughout the entire performance. The song is creepy and quirky, as well as the performance.

Freaks Come Out At Night | Whodini

Well, I’m pretty sure they’re singing about a different kind of freak. Since this song was used in the song mix for my Beetlejuice routine back in High School, I will forever think of this as a halloween song. You have to admit, it is kind of creepy. 😉

This is Halloween | Nightmare Before Christmas

Classic Halloween song. I found some great remakes and remixes, but nothing beats the original.

Bloody Mary | Lady Gaga

Look for a blog post this week on how we can learn from her and apply it to our work. By this song, you wouldn’t guess we could really learn anything from her work wise, huh?

Ghostbusters | Ray Parker Jr.

Ok, honestly… There is nothing better than the Ghostbusters theme song. If you can’t sing along, you can leave my Halloween party!

Black Cat | Mayday Parade

Here’s to hoping none of you come across a black cat on the streets tonight.

Time Warp | Rocky Horror Picture Show

Last, but certainly not least. Creepy yet so much fun! This was the first song that played on the Halloween Pandora station. So, I obviously picked well. 🙂



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