Pop of PR: Busken Lite-Hearted

Pop of PR is a  new series that will showcase campaigns that stand out to my readers and myself. 

Thanks to word of mouth, my best friend and I found out about a Busken Bakery pop-up shop in one of the hottest areas of Cincinnati that gave out free donuts Thursday-Saturday from 7 pm-1 am for almost 2 months. Why were they giving out free donuts? Busken has created a 140 calorie donut! Amazing, right? Busken Bakery paired up with Peanut Butter and Jelly (PB+J) , a local Marketing & PR firm, to create a brilliant campaign for these new  “Lite-Hearted” donuts, hence the low calories and heart shape.

Who knew donuts could be so hip and trendy? PB+J did a fabulous job with the planning and execution of the pop-up shop. Located in Over the Rhine, it exuded a very hip and modern feel.

Feel good music. 2 White walls.  1 brick wall. Windows showcasing the entrance. Adorned with clouds and hearts. White lighting fixtures.Wood floor. Old white televisions. Pops of color through signage. Then the dresser/chest  with a glass front  was filled with the delectable donuts. To top it all off, it included a video shoot area, where visitors could video themselves dancing and chomping on their donuts. They could then view their video on one of the larger televisions sitting on a shelf. The videos would be then compiled into a video to share via social media.


I appreciate that PB+J  focuses heavily on visually centered experiences. A memorable experience is crucial and an experience like the Lite-Hearted pop-up shop is something I’ll never forget. Not only did I walk away aware of this tasty low-cal donut, but I had a great time with my best friend just lounging on the couch, snacking on a tasty treat, and  shooting our mini dance video. All without paying a dime!

I’d love to hear about any campaigns you’ve seen or experienced and that you absolutely loved! Comment or tweet them!


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