TOUR LIFE: Warner Bros Records Promotions

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Jack Minihan graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Public Relations. Currently, he works for the Promotions Department at Warner Brothers Records. In his position he deals with radio promotions, networking, interpersonal communication, and writing, which he feels relates directly to his degree choice.

Dreaming to one-day work in the entertainment business, Minihan started to work with party promoters. Learning how to plan and execute events in clubs and different venues, he soon branched off and started his own promotion business. All through college he was busy running his business, which consisted of 10 to 15 employees. He was a member of a fraternity for the social aspect, but learned that it was a great way to network and help out his promotions business.  Finally, his “party throwing” branched into concerts when he discovered Mike Posner and started touring with him.

While on tour with Posner, things started to pick up for Minihan.  In a meeting about getting Posner’s single “Cooler Than Me” played on the radio, Minihan caught the attention of a RCA Records employee, Peter.  Peter pulled Minihan aside questioning him on who he was and how he was able to do what he did. Jack exchanged business cards with the Senior Vice President or Promotions for RCA Records and emailed him a few days later. 10 minutes after the email was sent, Peter called Jack. Jack followed up with Peter regularly about interning with his company. “I walked the line between persistent and annoying,” said Minihan, who believes that following up after a meeting or interview is very important.  When employers say ‘Don’t call, we’ll call you,’ don’t call them. It is important to be respectful and to show you are serious not desperate. However, sending a hand written thank you card immediately is always acceptable and classy, shared Minihan.

Minihan landed the internship in New York City with RCA and ended up working his way to a position with Warner Brothers Records in Los Angeles, California. His network of relationships locked him in for the position at Warner Brothers before he even interviewed. Since Peter recommended Minihan for the position and had an outstanding resume, his interview process was not as extensive as it would have been for most. Although he already had the job before he walked in, it was customary for human resources to interview him.

Jack believes he stood out and landed his position because he is well spoken, ready to work, and respectful. His past experience with promotions and interning with RCA also helped make an impact for himself. Since he had formed relationships with these people he earned the trust and respect of Warner Brothers Records, which made him stand out as well.

Currently, Minihan works in Promotions, where he works to get artists songs played on the radio, and finds new acts and signs them to the label. He also works with the artist management company, Frontline.  Minihan’s plan was always to be in the entertainment business, but radio was never an exact dream. He fell into radio because that is what his boss, Peter, worked in.  Minihan believes that networking is extremely important in everything pertaining to promotions and the entertainment business. “You have to create relationships to benefit yourself and to benefit everyone around you,” said Minihan. Without his networking, he may not have landed his internship with Peter, which landed him the job with Warner Bros.

Listening to Minihan speak about his position and company, it is obvious he enjoys his job. One reason Minihan enjoys working for Warner Bros. is that their values match up with his. Minihan values loyalty the most in others. “Without loyalty you are nothing. Loyalty is the most important thing, everything else can be learned,” said Minihan. He says Warner Bros. is a great place to work because of the loyalty, friendliness, collaboration, and willingness to work and listen to others.

Minihan says WB Records is focused on breaking new artists and tentative to developing real artistry. Warner Bros. strives to break out “real true artists” like past iconic artists; Prince, Stevie Nicks, the Black Keys, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Minihan believes that Warner Bros. is successful because the executives vision involves true music fans and teamwork.

Some of Warner Brothers Record’s major achievements are over the course of history, breaking some of the most iconic artists including Eric Clapton, Madonna, Jimi Hendrix, Metallica, RHCP, Wale, and Rick Ross. “Our legacy of artists speaks for itself as their achievement,” said Minihan.  As for his own personal achievements, Minihan says it has been Keeping Warner Bros. name in the running with new and innovative acts.  Instances when he brought Travis Scott, Krewella, or other artists who have been touring extensively into the office, to keep their name in the running when they are shopping for record deals.

Although Minihan has to go into the office everyday, it’s not as boring as most would think.  His office is on the Warner Brothers Studio lot, in a “ski lodge” building that Frank Sinatra helped design. As you walk in, you will hear music playing and you’ll see ping-pong tables, pinball machines, and casually dressed employees. You may even see people enjoying a nice alcoholic beverage. Minihan shared that most record companies are very laid back. Jack gets to travel; depending on where his current project takes him. Recently, he was able to attend the iHeartRadio music festival in Las Vegas. When attending events, it’s a mix of work and enjoyment for Jack. He’s there to enjoy the actual event, but once the show is over he must meet with the artists to discuss their standings.  Along with getting to attend his client’s concerts, Minihan receives perks such as backstage passes, concert tickets, hanging with artists, and discounts from different retailers.

After Thoughts: 

My interview with Jack Minihan gave me hope in my future; that people CAN land their dream job as long as they work hard to get there. It is important to be the best self you can be, to create relationships and to follow-up with them. Minihan’s most valued quality is loyalty, and this interview brought light to the fact that loyalty should be every public relation practitioner’s valued quality. It is our duty to be loyal to our employer, client, and the public we are sending the information out to. Without loyalty, Public Relations is nothing and we will continue to receive a negative reputation.


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