4 Things to be Learned from Fat Amy

If you’ve seen the newly released movie, Pitch Perfect, then you’ve already fallen in love with Fat Amy, the best singer in Tazmania with teeth. Who would have ever thought a member of an acappella group could teach us some valuable lessons for our future in Public Relations and life itself. AcaBelieve it!

Be Confident:

 If you’re confidant enough to introduce yourself as FAT Amy, so “twig bitches” don’t do it behind your back, there is a good chance you’re confident enough to do anything you set your mind to. Be confident in who you are and what you can do. Let co-workers and employers know that you’re confident enough to go above and beyond the expectations of your position. Warning: Be confident, not cocky.


Be Honest:

One of the main reasons we know and love Fat Amy is for her complete honesty with everyone she interacts with 24/7. And Let’s be honest, this doesn’t just pertain to Public Relations. Telling lies and fabricating the truth is never a good idea. Tell the truth now, so you don’t have to worry about fixing the mess later. Because of this trait, I’ll bet Fat Amy won’t be running into any trouble like Lindsey Lohan.

Step Up and be Vocal:

            We all know how vocal Fat Amy is; Always making a comment after someone talks. Although she sometimes makes comments she shouldn’t, when she wanted a solo, she stepped up and let them know. Low and behold, she was given the solo and KILLED it. You may not be gunning for a vocal solo, but there may be a project you’d love to lead or be a part of. Let those around you know, otherwise you’ll be stuck in the background.

Never Give Up; Be Persistent:

Even though Fat Amy was a victim of being hit by Bumper’s flying burrito, she didn’t let that stop her from competing at Finals. You might not have burrito gunk fueling your success fire, but you do have your own something that pushes you to succeed. Whatever that something may be, keep it in the front of your mind and keep it relevant. Remembering your goals and dreams will help you to continue on the road to success.



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