TOUR LIFE: Krewella’s Co-Manager



Only a select few could tell you what the KREWLIFE is all about.Dirty beats. Jameo. Snapbacks. Cats. Sexy Lyrics. FEELING ALIVE.

However, Nathan Lim is one of the lucky few.

A big lover&supporter of the edm/dubstep power-trio, Krewella, I was lucky enough to meet them when they performed at PLAY in Downtown Cincinnati.  Always wanting to be a tour manager, I took it upon myself to introduce myself to one of Krewella’s co-managers, which happened to be Nathan.

Nathan and I. We look a little weird in this. OH well!
Nathan and I. We look a little weird in this. OH well!

He calls himself a professional babysitter, of course he’s only partially joking when he says that. Nathan juggles every aspect of Krewella’s music career, from the music conception to the final delivery. “ I delegate responsibility for every member of Krewella’s team, from their booking agent to their publicist to the labels and everything in between,” shared Nathan.

But, wait. Lets rewind (insert funky dubstep sound here) and figure out how this guy got here….

A pre-med student with a scholarship, he was never too fond of the educational institution. Nathan turned to local blogs and Myspace and he discovered Krewella four years ago. (I’ve always told people MySpace was a great tool for connecting with musicians!)  “I started managing them and the rest is history!” said Nathan.

“I had no idea what I was doing, but it was so interesting that I really immersed myself in learning about the industry.”

Being one of the youngest in the industry, Nathan worked extremely hard by reading many books and chatting with people in the industry, in efforts that he could compete. He put Krewella through a 3-year development process. “Our goal was that when they finally came out to the world, they would be competitive with any artist in the industry while being unique in their own sound.”  Himself and Krewella’s other co-manager, Jake, work 12-20 hour days consistently.“I’m pretty sure that I still have no idea what I’m doing,” share Nathan.  (Seeing how far Krewella has advanced, I think you do Nathan!)

Nathan w/ Krewella & the other Co-Manager, Jake
Nathan w/ Krewella & the other Co-Manager, Jake

So why forget about that pre-med degree to manage a group you found on Myspace? “The entire reason I got in the music industry is because I love the risk. It’s very fast-paced and you have to constantly adapt. I love getting creative from both an artistic and marketing standpoint. We’re always thinking of different ways of breaking the mold and it’s all very exciting. It’s all about standing out and giving something to the people that they’ll LOVE. Also, I’m fortunate enough to be able to do this with The Krew who I consider my family. We’re literally a krew of friends going through life on this wild adventure. I can’t get enough!” shared Nathan.

Check out the brand new “KREWLIFE” video below. You’ll spot Nathan with the blonde hair dumping something on Yasmine. Follow Nathan on Twitter at @LimandCo and follow Krewella at @Krewella.
Enjoy 😛


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