Query’s a bit Dreary; Getting Published

So you want to be published? Well, one step to getting published is sending in your query letter to an agent.  A Query letter is supposed to be an introduction to your book and yourself.  These letters should never be longer than a page.


A query letter should consist of three main paragraphs.

  1. The Hook: This should consist of a one-sentence tagline for your piece. Your hook could start with the era and location or maybe setting up the main character. It’s your story so start the hook anyway you would like. This is your first chance to grab their attention, so put some time and effort into it.
  2. Mini Synopsis: Now here comes the fun part! It’s time to condense your writing piece to just one small paragraph. This is your chance to expand on the hook you just spent hours perfecting.  My best advice is to sit there and write out what comes to mind, and then you can cut, paste, and mold it.
  3. Writer’s Bio:  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not tell the agent your life story. They receive tons of query letters and don’t have time to read unimportant information, nor are they really interested. Your bio should be short and related to writing.  If you have been published before, tell them!  The less you say about yourself, the more room you have for your mini synopsis.


Ok, the rest of the letter is up to you. But, here are some things you should do.

-Address the query to a specific agent

-Mention why you are approaching them specifically

-Use standard business letter alignment and spacing

-Include your phone number, mailing address, and email if you’re using snail mail.


A query letter may not be something you really want to write, but hey it’s better than a plain old business letter! Plus, it may have a great outcome(:


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