Frampton on the Radio

In my first or second week of my internship, I wrote a radio spot for the CB ALICE (in wonderland) production. They ended up really liking my work and gave me the project of writing all of the radio spots for the rest of the season. So far, I have written rough drafts for The Nutcracker (one for a dancer to record and another for the CB CEO/Artistic Director to record), and one for the Romeo&Juliet production.


When I came into the office today, I was told to start working on a radio spot for the Frampton & Cincinnati Ballet LIVE production. The reason I have to get such a head start on this one is because Peter Frampton himself will be recording the spot. Peter Frampton will be recording one of my pieces of writing, HOW FREAKING COOL.  Also, while researching about the production I learned that Frampton has a residency in Indian Hill. Who knew!


I am truly excited to see this production. It includes live and newly created compositions by Peter Frampton and Missy Lay Zimmer and Andrew Hubbard are the choreographers. Missy and Andrew are two of my favorite Cincinnati choreographers. Their work is quirky, funky, innovative, and moving. If you’ve ever seen their work, it is absolutely breath taking.




I am also absolutely in love with the marketing for the production. The leg with the pointe shoe infused with the guitar is brilliant and very appealing to the eye. Anyways, I have to get back to writing Frampton’s radio spot! I just wanted to share this fun piece of information with all of you.


Ciao 🙂




One Reply to “Frampton on the Radio”

  1. I knew, I knew!! Peter Frampton’s daughter auditioned for SPCA while I was a student! He came to watch the Nutcracker performance while I was ushering and I got to seat him! YAY! He also held the door for me while I was walking out of school after the production!

    Anyway, I didn’t know this was happening. Get me discounts on tickets. hahaha

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