Say What, You’re Blogging?

Blogging has become very popular, however not everyone understands what it is. So it’s probably in anyone’s best interest to understand what a blog is before they start to blog.  According to Wikipedia the word ‘blog’ is a combination of the words ‘web log’.     A blog is a post on the internet that usually consists of text, links to other websites, and images.  However, they can include other things such as videos and music. An important aspect about blogs is that they allow the readers and writer to interact.

            Now that we know a little about what a blog is we should probably find a site to blog on. Two of the most popular blogging sites are WordPress (what you’re on now) and Google Blogger. When searching for the best blog sites, I found that each list varied. However, WordPress and Google Blogger were almost always on the list.  A blog site that I personally like to use is Tumblr, but I never thought of it as a true blogging site. The site is easy to maneuver and it’s easy to share your posts through other social media outlets.  Four other sites that have been said to be top blog sites are Weebly, Xanga, Posterous, and Twitter. Say what, Twitter?! Yes, you heard right. It may not seem like a typical blogging spot because it is technically a microblog. If you make your profile public your posts are open for anyone to read and react to, just like any other blog.

            I believe we are now ready to start our blogging journey!  The difference between an article and a blog are that a blog shows more personality. So be yourself, and make it interesting. If you’re stating fact after fact you are going to lose your reader.  Put in jokes, quirky comments, or anything to make this piece of writing personable.  Put in personality from beginning to end. Put a little thought into your title to catch the reader, then pull them in with a good intro.

            Does length REALLY matter? Some studies suggest no! People have been very successful with both longer and shorter blog entries.

            I believe that interaction is what really makes blogs great.  However, your goal should not necessarily be to maximize the number of comments. Your main goal should be getting your word out and bringing in readers. If you focus too much on the comments you might lose sight of the more important goals.

            So all you OCD readers may have a little trouble with this one. Perfection does NOT matter in the blogging world. I mean, yes you need to worry about grammar and punctuation but that’s about it. Blogging is all about the interaction and if you’re focused on perfecting it you will lose the instant interaction with your readers.



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