Envelope Stuffers & Resume Builders

            My internship consists a lot of stuffing envelopes and phone calls on my office days. Since I work closely with the promotions department I get to help out with many of the promotions. Promotions can consist of contests, give-aways, and just appearances. The promotions are kind of like exchanges. Companies send us items to give away in exchange for a certain amount of mentions on our radio station.  The events are a lot of fun because you get to represent the radio station out in the community and you meet a lot of people. It’s fun to see how excited people get when they see us outside of the studio. I could definitely see myself working in promotions. You’re not sitting in a cubicle all day and I like that aspect a lot.

            Since the radio stations hold a lot of online contests, I get to call many of the winners! For some odd reason, phone calls scare me and make me extremely nervous. This internship has helped me to overcome this “fear” and I believe it has helped me become more outgoing. I have no problem making phone calls now and it has made it easier to talk to people in person as well. This will definitely help me in the future, seeing as Public Relations forces you to talk with many people!

            I’ve also had the pleasure of helping with the planning of the P&G Riverfest/WEBN fireworks. I attended a meeting with the City and learned that there is a lot more that goes into the planning of this event, than most would think.  Tagging along has made me realize that when planning event, it’s important to sit down and think of every single aspect. Also, it’s very important to keep tabs on everyone that is also a part of the event.  Planning events for a living is something I would LOVE to do. 


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