“I am Blackbear” , Hear Me Roar

What do Justin Bieber, Machine Gun Kelly, and Mike Posner all have in common? There can’t be much between Bieber and MGK, and maybe just a LITTLE between Posner. However, they have all worked with the great Mat Musto, aka BLACKBEAR.

Blackbear first caught my eye, well rather my ears on MGK’s mix tape, “Lace Up”. Then going by the name Mat Musto, his voice was the perfect fit for ” End of the Road”.
With the lyrics being quite inspirational, His voice makes the listener want to keep pushing forward and say “bye haters!”, while singing along.

Musto released himself as Blackbear on Mike Posner’s mix tape, “The Layover” on the song “Marauder Music” . This chill duo created the perfect song to roll around town with your windows down, and the chair leaned back.

Busy with collaborations, Blackbear has found time to work on himself. Recently releasing his solo EP, “Foreplay” , he doesn’t disappoint. The EP contains 4 original songs, including my personal favorite, “Role Model”.

But before we delve deeper into the EP, can we PLEASE talk about his voice?! I’d have to say I’ve never heard a voice like his. It’s soft yet slightly raspy…. Let’s just say he has a unique voice that all ears deserve to be treated to.

Excuse my puddle of drool, let’s get back to the EP. Foreplay may be Blackbear’s best work yet. Incorporating his style and advancing forward with the new music trends of today, Foreplay becomes relatable to both new and old listeners. Dubstep and EDM has struck the music scene dramatically, and Blackbear took this to his advantage, incorporating Dubstep pieces in “Teenage Waste” and “Role Model”.



Twitter: @Iamblackbear https://twitter.com/#!/iamblackbear

Foreplay on itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/foreplay-ep/id521141922?ign-mpt=uo%3D4%2522%2520target%253D%2522itunes_store


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