SHH! It’s the Music Biz.

I have not done too much with my internship with the band yet. I have, however, learned something about the music biz. The band has a new album that is not yet released. Only a few people/record labels have access to the music besides the band. They stressed to me that they did not want me to share the album with anyone until it was officially released. So I have been keeping the album a secret….though it is AMAZING and I think the band is going to do really well with it.

So apparently someone leaked the album to one of the bands biggest fans. Luckily this person has not shared it with any one else, but the band just didn’t want the album ou yet at all.  Apparently this fan had connections with a record label, and thats how they got it.

The thing i learned is how important it is to keep new music a secret. Music leaks can seriously hurt a band/artist. So it’s important for everyone to keep their word to the band/artist.

Sometimes I wonder how songs are leaked. It seems that most of the time it almost has to be someone close to the artist. Now, that really isn’t a good friend now is it?

When chatting with Mike Posner, he shared that he doesn’t save his songs on his computer with the correct title nor his name attached to it. That way if his laptop is stolen the thief might look over it and just delete it…. hmm smart move! But, I hope he remembers which song is which!

So remember, If you’ve got some inside info…KEEP IT QUIET!!!!


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