Are You Sure This is Cincinnati?

I was invited to work on another Indian Wedding! Indian Weddings are my all time favorite. The 3 day celebrations, the beautiful clothing, the traditions, the food, and the over the top ness all pull my heart-strings.

So I knew right away that the venue was going to be gorgeous because it was located in Indian Hill. It was at Green Acres, which is Mrs.Nippert’s old house. This venue has been open to book for events for only two years now. I asked myself “Am I in Cincinnati anymore? Is this even the United States?” haha, I mean I’m exaggerating with the U.S thing, but seriously the space was GORGEOUS! There were just acres and acres of land. There were horses trotting around when you pulled in, and then the building looked like a cute mini castle.

For this wedding, we were just the ‘day-of’ planners. This means that we didn’t help with the wedding until the day of….DUH! It seemed that the Bride’s sister was the one in control, and I think she was more stressed than anyone . But in the end, she did a great job.

Some of the tasks we were asked to do were: help the DJ set up, make sure the baraat was started on time, set up the table placements, light the candles, set out the VOSS Water bottles, announce to every guest that it was time for dinner, and cater to the Bride/Groom/and their families needs.

Since the wedding was outside and it happened to be a VERY warm day, the family provided VOSS water bottles for everyone. It’s almost crazy how an imported bottle of water can make something look so much more classy than our cheap Kroger water bottles.

Before I go into explaining the food, let me tell you about the catering company. YIKES. First off, they walked in reeking of smoke. Second, they were dressed like they didn’t care. Their uniform was black slacks and white button up shirts. Some of the employees decided to wear t-shirts with writing and graphics underneath their see through white shirts. The worst part is the woman in charge walked around the whole day BAREFOOT! She didn’t even put shoes on when the wedding started, nor were her feet presentable (no pedicure/no polish) ! I’m pretty positive that is against some kind of rule… GROSS.

Other than the bare feet, the food was good. I only tried bits and pieces because I’m not a guest at the wedding, so it didn’t feel right, even though the family kept pushing for us to eat it. During the ceremony some kind of fruit juice was passed out and bags of nuts and balls of an unknown something were sat out. The Balls of an unknown something tasted like fruit loops! They were awesome. Then they had at least an hour of drinks and appetizers, then dinner. Everything was presented nicely.

All in all, it was a great day for a wedding. 🙂

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